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Tuesday 6th August 2013

by admin

tusks poster 3

It’s come to this, friends.

When I bought this domain and set up various online accounts for this band, I cheekily added the tag “forever” to indicate my unending commitment to ALWAYS BE DOING THIS. Some 8 years later, forever seems to have been longer than previously thought.

Realities have intruded. The best of these realities: our drummer, Steve, is about to become a dad in September. Time is of the essence and we couldn’t be happier for him and Emma. To that end we are sneaking in one last gig with our good pals G. Smith and the Bad Dreamers and Neil Haverty at the wonderful 3030 Dundas West club.

More details can be found here:

One man’s “hiatus” is another man’s “last show” is another man’s “why should anyone care?”

There are things that I thought about writing about how Tusks passed time, but I’ve ended up deleting them, out of a mixture of modesty and embarrassment. I like to think there was an agenda to this band. We had some simple rules. Try to write good songs. Try to sound like yourself(ves). Try to play them well. Present them like you cared.

Each of these songs was an attempt to communicate.

To those that listened, we are grateful for your ears.

I would be remiss if I did not thank all those folks who have logged time with us over the years, namely Robin Buckley, Julien Beillard, Kristian Galberg, Dan Goldman, and Allison Outhit. Further thanks to those who took on the thankless task of putting our records out: Kevin Lynn (of Static Clang) and Ryder Havdale (of White Whale).

I should also add a shout out to those who have helped us make our records: Jeff McMurrich (EP), and Justin Nace, Leon Taheny, and Jim Guthrie (Total Entertainment).

Speaking of which, please do feel free to get in in touch if you’d like one of the ever-dwindling physical copies of our records. Static Clang can help with Total Entertainment. White Whale can help with the EP.

I should add that we all are still playing in other people’s ongoing concerns. Jord, Shaw-han and I continue to log time with Jim Guthrie. Shaw-han is about to release his latest machine-masterpiece under the name I am robot and proud and I think Jordan will be on tour with him in Japan this fall. Steve will probably be finishing a record of his own and continue spearheading the Hamilton psych-rock experience with The High Kites.

As for me, I continue to write the odd song here and there. I hope to stretch the fingers into new ways of making stuff, but I have no idea what that means or what it will look like.

And so that’s that. Or is it?

Till we meet again.