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Wednesday 19th May 2010

by admin

Greetings, world. It has been some time since our last missive, but we thought we’d share with you some exciting tidbits.

1) We are a band again… We welcome to the fold Steven McKay on the drums (you might recognize his pretty mug from his work with our pals in Bruce Peninsula), and Jordan Howard, who plays with too many people to mention, (such as the Skeletones Four, Jim Guthrie, and The Magic. We are most happy to welcome these white boys to the band, thereby not upsetting the multi-culti flavour of the group. We’ve been chipping away at new material with these fellas and we’re very much excited to show them off to you.

2) We have shows again… In June, we’ll be opening for the Acorn (June 11) at Lee’s Palace (along with the lovely Lisa Bozokovic). On June 25, we’ll be hitting up the Horseshoe along with the aforementioned Jim Guthrie and Steven McKay, and the not-formentioned MINOTAURS. There will be a stunning amount of personnel swappery during said show. More shows in Ottawa and Toronto will take place in July.

3) There is so much other wonderful stuff going on, what with Shaw-han’s I am Robot and Proud project having just returned from market exploration efforts in Japan, China, and South Korea, Toronto’s long spring, love in the air, and mortgages being finalized. Tusks is signing all dotted lines, making long-term plans, and being sweet to our sweethearts.