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06 Aug 2008

Press for Total Entertainment

Review in
Live Review in NOW .
Live Review and Recording from Mechanical Forest Sound.
Review in Now Magazine. (4Ns!)
Review by the venerable Radio Free Canuckistan. (Scroll to the bottom)
Audio Interview, article, and album stream with Vish Khanna @CBC Music
Review in Skeleton Crew Quarterly.
Review in Earshot.
Review in SoundVat.
Review in New Canadian Music.
Beginnings & Endings Feature in
Live Review and photos in PhotogMusic.
Review in Gray Owl Point.
Article in The Record.
Track and album previews in Magnet, Exclaim!, Ride the Tempo, and Parasites and Sycophants.

Past Press:
Samir makes Small Talk with Southern Souls
Live Reviews (Opening for the Acorn) at The Take and Sticky Magazine
Scahllgrenzen (Germany)
Nieuwe Geluiden (Netherlands)>
Echoes-Online (Germany)
Herohill’s Top 10 EPS of 2008
Hour Magazine: Article and “>Review
Eye Weekly
Exclaim Review
and another (?).
Exclaim “Click Hear” feature (Baby Noise)
CBC Radio 3 “Track of the day” EP Review
Echo Weekly feature
Wavelength Toronto Blog
Now magazine profile (2007) (live review, opening for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists)

I’d seen the name of local openers Tusks around town a fair bit but had never heard them, or at least I thought not. It turns out they have a song on the Friends In Bellwoods comp… what can I say? I’m not good with names. But either way, I was really impressed with their brief set. The four-piece did a great job of blending jazzy-math rock sounds and figures with direct, melodic pop sensibilities. The track they’ve got on their MySpace is a bit rough sounding – they’re really much smoother – but gives a good sense of what these guys are about. I dig, and look forward to hearing more. (2008)
Ottawa Sun (2008)