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Thursday 1st November 2012

by admin

The big weekend of shows (for us) awaits.

Tonight at the Piston with Gentlemen of Leisure. Tomorrow in Ottawa at Raw Sugar with Winchester Warm. Saturday in Montreal at Casa del Popolo with the Hyrdothermal Vents (John Tielli and Tessa Kautzman’s new project). Details on everything are here.

Vinyl is in. It’s been 10 years since I’ve had anything of mine released on vinyl. It’s a real treat, nostalgic as it might seem. But it also makes sense — there’s something about hearing a full record that seems more… something. Plus, you can see the wonderful artwork by our pal Stephen Evans (also behind the hilarious animation for the Wiretap show).

You can either order it from the Static Clang Store or find it at your fine local independent record store. Let ‘em know it’s distributed by the fine folks at Outside Music.

Some press has been trickling in. Reviews in Now, Radio Free Canuckistan, CBC Music, and a whole whack-doodle of others.

But enough about mememememememe. How are you? Fine? Good.